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Our newest affiliate received his first commission

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The goal is to create you continuous cash flow through my skip trace company and property records list service business…..

You can learn more about my company by going here

Here’s the deal....

I will create a marketing funnel website that you can use to capture leads.

All your leads will go to your email automatically once your customer fills out the lead form.

This is important
for you to keep records and track all sales activity.

The service provided is United States real estate property records list and skiptracing

Below links are an example of what your leadpages will look like.

List Landing Page
Skip tracing Landing Page

We charge our customer clients 3 cents per record.

This keeps cost down for them and keeps them
coming back for more.

The minimum order count for the list is 5,000 records.

Your commission will be 25 percent of the profit at the 3 cents mark for your client after the paypal fee.
We will invoice your client and they would pay through our Quality Skips Business Paypal Account.

Just keep in mind minimum order is always 5k records.

Customer orders 5,000 records
5,000 multiply 3 cents = Customer will pay $150.

You will get 25 percent of the profit after paypal fee

Your 25 percent commission on $145.35 would be = $36.33

Here is example of what your skiptrace landing page would look like

Your commissions on the skiptrace would be be 15 percent of all the total amount spent by your customer minus the paypal fee.

Let’s do the math
5,000 record order multiply 13 cent…
Total Customer Spend : $650
Your Profit $650 multiply 15 percent = $97.50
( would be a little less after paypal fee)

If you have any questions I can be reached at 702-800-0402
Jeff Fisher- Owner of Quality Skips

Grant Cardone - Quality Skips

Grant Cardone, bestselling author, world’s #1 sales trainer, renowned speaker, international social media influencer and real estate mogul.

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