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How To Submit Your List Order

Here are Instructions To Start The Order Process

Step 1

Build Your List Here – Create Free List Account

Step 2

Watch this video entirely!

How to get us correct info to process your list!

Be sure to save your list bottom right corner 

Be sure to copy the info from your saved criteria list.  Past it in the form at the bottom of the page. This will be the exact filters we will use to pull your leads.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-04-02-at-6.57.10-PM-1024x503.png
Make sure the number after duplicants is over 5k records to meet the minimum order amount. If less then 5k records after removed duplicated, you will have to expand your filters.

Step 3

Add the final record count in the  quoter below….

Step 4

Fill Form Below And Click Submit

You will be taken to our paypal on the next page.

Enter the correct dollar amount  of  the number of records you wanted and send correct payment amount via paypal .

Double check the calculator above to make sure you are sending the correct amount. 

Give us 24 hours to process list and get back to you!
We can not refund you if you messed up your order by not following these simple instructions.

TXT 702-619-6615 with any questions

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