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Special Promo For First Time Customers

You will receive 1,000 property and 1,000 Verified Cash Buyer List records with skiptracing for $7

What Your Verified Cash Buyers List will look like

What your skiptraced list will look like…

We look forward to adding more value to you in your business.

If you would like to place your first order with us or have questions txt 702-710-3517

7 cents a record for skiptracing!

See some of our clients Testimonials Below

Types Of List We Offer

Absentee Owner Leads

Free & Clear Leads

High Equity Leads

Low Equity Leads

Upside Down Leads

Cash Buyer Leads

Active Listing Leads

Bored Investor Leads

Foreclosure Leads

Long-Term Owner Leads

Potentially Inherited Leads

Pre-Foreclosures Leads

Vacancy Leads

Zombie Property Leads

Jeff Fisher – Founder

Quality Skips

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Grant Cardone - Quality Skips

Grant Cardone

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Quality Skips Testimonial

Brandon Testimonial

New Customer Promo

You will receive 1,000 Free property records and 1,000 Verified Cash Buyers when you give Quality Skips Skiptracing a try! Can only be used one time!
  • We can txt you when order is completed and sent to your email.
  • Only type 100 records if you only want the $7 promo - which includes 100 records skiptraced, 1,000 Verified Cash buyers and 1,000 Property Records. Make sure when you make payment update the quantity amount on the payment screen...
    Have you already received 1,000 cash buyers and 1000 property records on your first order? This deal is only offered to first time customers…
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    Examples are Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Minimum Sq Footage, Maximum Sq Ft Footage, Years Owned, Minimum Property Value, Maximum Property Value, Auction Date, Last Notice, Recording Date, & Meeting Date: This question is required.
  • You can put Free & Clear, High Equity, Low Equity, Upside Down, or list a custom percentage.
  • We can pull by County, City, and/or Zip. Include the State.. List in the order of priority. Include a few backups just in case we need them!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.