What Service Do We Provide

Top Quality Skip Tracing


I believe we have mastered Skip Tracing at this level as long as you provide accurate owner name and property info we can skip trace leads offering as high as 98%+ hit rate. Up to 4 Wireless 4 Landline 2 Emails. Also, we skip Deceased Homeowner relatives for a more laser targeted skip trace you can close more deals with us that others don’t get to, at no added cost to you. We can also provide Motivated Seller Leads for you already Skipped.


We offer the first and most accurate LLC Skip Tracing in the entire Real Estate Wholesaling Market standard hit rate for the market is at 70% we try to reach 80-90%+ Which also gives us the ability to provide LLC Cash Buyers already Skipped! No one can compete with our quality of data as that is our main focus and pricing contact us for more info. We are the best at what we do!

Quality Data Matters

Get your list skip traced by the Quality Skips Team Now.

Get skips for as low as .07 cents per record