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Types Of List We Offer

Absentee Owner Leads

Bankruptcy Leads

Tenant/Renters Leads

Free & Clear Leads

High Equity Leads

Low Equity Leads

Upside Down Leads

Cash Buyer Leads

Low Equity Leads

Upside Down Leads

Active Listing Leads

Bored Investor Leads

Foreclosure Leads

Long-Term Owner Leads

Potentially Inherited Leads

Tax Delinquent Leads

Pre-Foreclosures Leads

Vacancy Leads


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 Scraping Services for Zillow & Craigslist with direct owner contact info available.

Includes Direct contact info for each of the following property types:
FSBO, For Rent By Owner, Property Management listings, For Sale By Agent, For Rent By Agent.

35 cents per lead
35 cents include includes skiptracing per lead

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  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 5000.
    The minimum is 5,000 records. Your minimal spend would be $150
    If you would like list skiptraced then it is 7 cents per record. After you purchase list, please go to link below to order skiptracing. Do this after you have purchased list. https://www.qualityskips.com/price/
    Some owners may own multiple properties. You would be charged if you want these records.
    Property owners who do not live in the property is considered absentee. How is this identified? The tax mailing address of the property owner is different than the subject property address. Why should I market to these leads? Absentee Owners or Landlords are great potential seller leads as they often do not have the same type of emotional attachment to a home as owners who live in the property that they own. Your marketing efforts could serve as a 'trigger' for them to cash out and move on from the property.
  • Examples are Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Minimum Sq Footage, Maximum Sq Ft Footage, Years Owned, Minimum Property Value, Maximum Property Value, Auction Date, Last Notice, Recording Date, & Meeting Date: This question is required.
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