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Are you a Crypto Project looking to bring more members into your telegram chat through twitter raids or reddit?

One of the best organic ways to grow a community in the crypto space is through organic marketing through twitter raids and reddit marketing.

Where my team can help your community grow the fastest is by manually putting together all the twitter raid links for your community so they can shill and spread the awareness of your project on a daily basis.

Our team will find influencers, high engagement post, and popular crypto hashtags in the to tweet on regarding your project.

What we recommend is that your community has a raid leader that we can hand the tweets off to daily. We will be sending the tweets via google doc daily. This is great for tracking and making sure we are getting you the number of tweets you paid for.


300 Tweets per day – $75

500 Tweets per day – $110

1000 tweets per day – $150

minimum 3 day commitment

Reddit Marketing


50 post per day – $125

100 post per day – $175

200 post per day – $220

minimum 3 day commitment

We will focus on posting on big subreddits groups with active members so that we can gain more exposure and conversions. You will see the prices higher than twitter service because when you post on subreddits some of your post may be removed by Mods and you need to have some amount of karmas to post on those subreddits.

If you would like to start this service shoot me a message on telegram

We will accept payment in USDC – eth address is

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